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Deposit and Withdrawal


In accordance to the Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing issued by Securities and Futures Commission, our company does not accept cash or third party deposit/ withdrawal (including but not limited to transfers, remittances and cheque deposit/ withdrawal and etc.).

(If cash or third-party deposit is being identified, fund will be returned to the depositor/originated bank account. Bank charges, if any, may be deducted from the returned fund.)

Ⅰ. Fund In

1. Ways to Deposit

Method 1、Through Bank Counters

Clients can visit bank counters and deposit fund to the designated bank accounts of CMBI.

Method 2、Internet Transfer

Clients can transfer funds via internet transfer services offered by different banks to the designated bank accounts of CMBI. The account from which the transfer is made must be held in client’s name.

* Clients must notify our company by one of the following means when either Method 1 or Method 2 is used:(1)Login to CMBI “Online Trading”, click “Fund Deposit and Withdrawal” on the menu and click “Deposit Instruction”; or(2)write down your name and securities account number on the deposit slip or transfer slip and fax it to(852)3761-8788; or (3)send an e-mail to CMBI can only update client’s account balance when the above instruction is verified. The above deposit notification methods are only applicable to deposits made from client’s personal bank account.

Method 3、Bank Transfer

This method is suitable only for clients who have successfully applied for such service. Simply visit the CMB Hong Kong Branch website, login to “Home Banking Service” and transfer fund. Transfer made between 8:30a.m. and 4:00p.m. on any trading day will be immediately shown in the client’s bank balance (no deposit notification needed) at the CMBI trade system. The update of bank balance will be processed in the next trading day when transfers are made beyond the aforementioned period.

Note: For more information on the application and operation of the bank transfer service, please refer to “Guidelines to the Application and Operation of CMBI Transfer Service”.

2. Designated Bank Accounts of CMBI

China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch
Account Name:
CNH Account No.: 20510161
HKD Account No.: 20089188
USD Account No.: 20089199
*Please write down (Bank No.: 238) and (Branch No.: 860) if remittance is used
Address: 27/F, Three Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong
CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited
Account Name:
CNH Account No.: 020-601-126-6808-1
HKD Account No.: 020-601-120-5958-7
USD Account No.: 020-601-805-9798-5
Address: CMB Wing Lung Bank Building, 45 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Account Name:
CNH Account No.: 012-875-0-601210-6
HKD Account No.: 012-875-1-149480-7
USD Account No.:012-875-9-250568-9
EUR Account No.:012-875-9-250568-9
Address: Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking
Corporation Limited
Account Name:
HKD Account No.: 808-795710-838
USD Account No.: 808-795710-838
EUR Account No.: 808-795710-838
Address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Ⅱ. Fund Out

1. Ways to Withdraw

Method 1、Fund Withdrawal Instruction Form

Please submit the completed “Fund Withdrawal Instruction Form” by any of the following methods

a) by post to 45/F, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong;

b) by fax to (852) 3761-8788;

c) by email to

Method 2、Login to Internet Trading System (Withdrawal)

Select “Withdrawal Instruction” under “Fund Deposit and Withdrawal” on our website. This method is for clients who have successfully applied our internet trading service and submitted account information to CMBI.

Method 3、Login to Internet Trading System (Transfer)

Use the “Fund Transfer” option under “Transfer” on our website. This method is for clients who have successfully applied our internet trading service and submitted account information to CMBI.

2. Remark

? If you wish to withdraw fund from your account, please submit an instruction by any of the above methods before 12:00p.m. of the working day. Instructions placed after 12:00p.m. will be handled the next working day.

? You can also instruct CMBI to deposit the cheque on your behalf to a bank account under your name.

? If you wish to TT funds to an overseas account under your name, you must present the original copy of your overseas payment instruction form and pay for the charges of the TT.

Address: 45th & 46th Floor, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852)3900 0888 Fax:(852)3761 8788

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